Electronic Document Handling

Electronic Graphical Documents (3PL WMS)

Most 3PLs have thought about moving to the electronic delivery of invoices, receipts, statements and checks. The advantages of electronic document handling are well known ... It’s faster, cheaper, more environmentally friendly than manual documents, and it takes the inefficiency of printing out of the process.

The ViewPoint Logistics e-Docs feature is a single source solution for handling the creation, distribution, archiving, and retrieval of system generated electronic documents.

Easy Generation via PDF

With e-Docs in place, all of your generated forms are converted to PDF for easy delivery and storage. PDF is a familiar and user friendly format. Most businesses use them on a daily basis and the PDF format is well-suited for distribution since it is hard to manipulate and looks the same regardless of who opens it. It also requires very little storage space. All generated documents are archived automatically in ViewPoint Logistics and linked directly (via action grids) to the source records that were used to generate them.

Easy Delivery via Email

Email is already a predominant communication channel between trading partners. So why not use email for transporting your generated e-Docs? One of the more powerful features of e-Docs is that it can be set up to email graphical forms directly to customers within minutes of a transaction. The infrastructure is already in place and there is no need to implement an additional transaction system.

“Better reporting, the ability to export information to spreadsheets and PDF formats and better visibility on the website are all great features that our clients appreciate."

-Vincent Crowl, Customer Service Representative, Hanover Terminal, Inc.