New ViewPoint Logistics™ Version Release
(VL 13.010.)

The latest version introduces major improvements to the VL user interface, simpler navigation and expanded options for Action Grids. The primary focus for our current design initiative is to facilitate the user's ability to record and automate detailed functionality so that it can be re-invoked quickly and consistently every time. Any user will be able to launch instant reports to track activities, compare sales, map trends and export the information to PDF or Spreadsheet from a single menu command.

By far the most significant enhancements involve the new OneClick and MyViews features, user-defined controls that enable you to launch Action Grids, Crunches and Charts instantly with your pre-recorded settings. Check out eZ-Learn for a list of the key functional changes to VL that are now available as of VL13.010:

ViewPoint Logistics™ Version Release
(VL 13.010.)

If you would like to learn more about the current version of VL (or discuss upgrade options) please contact your Business Services Consultant.