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5 benefits of using a Transportation Management System

5 benefits of using a Transportation Management System

5 benefits of using a Transportation Management System (TMS)

Regardless of industry, a smart business owner or operations manager is always looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce overhead. In today’s ultra-competitive economic climate, finding ways to increase margins without negatively affecting quality are invaluable. Fortunately, developments in transportation management software have made it possible to increase margins while simultaneously improving efficiency and quality of service.

A transportation management system is one of the best services any company involved in logistics can invest in. However, not all transportation management and warehouse management services are equal. Before choosing which system to use, it is important to understand the benefits of such a system, and to compare cost with the ability to deliver tangible results. While some companies choose to take care of their logistics software needs in-house, there are significant benefits to outsourcing this requirement to a third-party logistics software company. Third-party logistics, or 3PL software gives your company access to experts who specialize in making your logistics process more efficient so you can focus on your core business.

Here are five key benefits of transportation management systems that you should consider when making a decision.

Reduce freight expenses

A good transportation management system will include analytics and suggestions to reduce expenses such as driver overtime, fuel, and inefficient routes. Utilizing data such as where your drivers and equipment are currently located makes it easier to get freight where it needs to go as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Track drivers in real-time

There are numerous benefits to being able to see where your drivers are in real-time. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to gather data about how much time specific routes take in order to build a more efficient schedule. You can also gather data on which drivers are most efficient, and which ones could improve on their time through more efficient routes or better driving habits.

Warehouse inventory management

Even the best-run warehouse can sometimes be a chaotic place. Between suppliers and drivers constantly arriving and departing, inventory always on the move, inbound inventory that must be received before outbound orders can be shipped, and urgent orders that need to be fulfilled coming in at any time, a well-run warehouse is an integral part of the logistics process. Any effective transportation management system will include (or be easily interfaced to)  a robust warehouse management component as well. Warehouse inventory management software will allow vendors, suppliers, and anyone else to set up an appointment. It will also create a consolidated database of incoming and outgoing orders (and assign employees accordingly), and can track where specific inventory is located both in the warehouse, in transit, and once it arrives at a customer or another warehouse. Not only will this data increase real-time efficiency, it will also make it possible to review costs and processes in order to make them more efficient in the future.

Streamlined billing process

One of the benefits of electronically tracking your entire transportation management system is that you will be able to more efficiently handle accounts payable and accounts receivable. A good transportation management system will allow you to automate most if not all processes. The amount of time you’ll save on paperwork alone makes transportation management software worth the investment!

Increase supply chain efficiency

Everything from tracking drivers and inventory to automating accounts payable and receivable processes all work together to increase the efficiency of the logistics side of your business. Depending on the size of your business, the savings can have a significant impact on your bottom line while improving your ability to fulfill customer requests.

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ViewPoint Logistics Product Info. Infographic

ViewPoint Logistics Product Infographic

Check out our neat ViewPoint Logistics Product Infographic!

This is our first try at making one, but we thought it’s a creative and fun way of letting people know what we are all about!

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