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Creating a Winning Work Culture

Creating a Winning Work Culture

Employees work to better your company through increased production, safety awareness and fast implementation of changes when they feel secure.

Security does not center solely on monetary gains. Workers who feel their supervisors respect them and the job they do have higher production output, fewer sick days and genuine pride in their jobs.

A unique and profitable company culture grows from this respect and trust.

Disrespect vs. respect

The old-fashioned boss-employee relationship does not work in today’s workplace. The attitude of “them against us” leads to:

  • High turnover
  • Increased theft
  • Loss of the company’s vision
  • Negative media attention

Employees who find little respect at work, serve the same disrespect to managers, coworkers and the workplace.

In a poll, how would your employees rate management?

Employees for one major retail holding company gave their CEO a 19 percent approval rating in a national poll.

Most employees rate their employer somewhere between the bottom 20 percent and the top 10 percent with trust as the deciding factor.

At companies like Google and SAS, over 95 percent of the employees rate management as ethical, trustworthy and respectful.

Of course, not every company can afford cafeterias, an onsite Frisbee golf course and nap pods like the top two companies on Fortune’s Top 100 Companies to Work for in 2014.

Trust: The foundation of a great company culture

Building trust in employees begins with hiring people with the right attitude and then developing their skills. Finding people who work well together and share a common goal comes before hiring the person who has all the technical skills.

Skill building will happen over the first few months of employment but an attitude rarely changes.

Hire people who will actively pursue the future success of the company and believe in the company’s:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values

Of course, these key company elements hang throughout the building and everyone knows them by heart. But, what do employees do each day to expand and improve each element?

Problem solving and safety

Great working environments spring from workforces who share diverse perspectives on the same idea to reach a solution to problems. Employee input remains vital to warehousing success as they work with the people, equipment and processes every day.

Successful 3PL companies offer employees more than a job. Companies that provide educational opportunities and career path planning give employees reasons to improve.

An outstanding safety record makes any 3PL valuable to clients.

Warehouse safety-awareness programs that encourage employee ideas and implementation not only lower accident rates but also give workers incentive to identify potential hazards before an accident happens.


Incentives for safety awareness can include:

  • Employee of the Month recognition
  • A parking spot
  • A gift card to a local store

Employee appreciation does not always mean a pay raise or paid time off. Long-time team members who go beyond their job with perfect attendance and above standard job performance deserve gratitude.

Awarding these outstanding achievements with a personalized parking space costs little and brings happiness every day. Who can resist smiling when pulling into a parking place with their name on it?

Lead with care

  • Supply your team with the tools they need to do their jobs effectively. Keep equipment in good working condition by having operators complete a checklist each day and ordering repairs when needed.
  • Keep your employees engaged in their jobs by offering variety where possible.
  • Listen to worker concerns and accommodate those who need personal time or schedule changes for family matters. Many companies offer flexible schedules, compressed workweeks and telecommuting, which allow employees to find a balance between work and family. Having no balance between family and work is the number one cause of stress in the workplace. Relieving that stress lifts a huge weight off the company shoulders.
  • Inform employees about current business trends, financial insecurities, and coming benchmarks. Never lie or deceive employees about possible cuts in personnel or pay.
  • Let everyone speak and validate each contribution with positive feedback.

A great work culture grows from individuals learning to interact and work together for the good of your company. Prove your trustworthiness through ethical practices and treat your employees with respect.

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