A transportation management system (TMS) allows companies efficient, reliable, and cost-effective ways to move freight from origin to destination. TMS encompasses solutions for moving cargo in all modes, including intermodal movements. The TMS processes consist of freights transported inbound or outbound, domestically or internationally, using transportation assets owned by the company or an outside service provider. The shipment managed by a transportation management system can have various sizes, from parcels to bulk commodities.

By using a TMS solution, a shipper can reduce freight invoice payments by 90-95% (Cerasis)

TMS solutions compared to traditional transportation management methods perform better in terms of service levels and freight savings.

Having an all-in-one solution like MAVES International Software's ViewPoint Logistics™ 3PL Management Suite allows for seamless integration with more viable product details from the WMS to the TMS. Please contact MAVES at info@maves.com for more details.