At MAVES, we feel that providing our clients with premier 3PL applications is only half of our commitment. We are also committed to supporting our clients in the use of our ViewPoint Logistics™ applications through our services. The combination of our applications and our services delivers game-changing solutions to our many clients.



At MAVES, we’re not just a software company

We are committed to helping you achieve success. Our people have worked on countless projects together, transforming 3PL requirements into working realities. This level of understanding extends well beyond the technology and into the business side of the 3PL industry.

A successful implementation begins with a consulting phase during which we determine the needs of your organization. This helps us determine how to best plan the implementation and training. Frequently, this involves a visit to your site during which we can meet your staff and observe your key processes and challenges.

Project Management

The Experience of 500+ Successful 3PL Projects on Your Side

MAVES project management methodologies and techniques have been developed over time as per recognized industry standards. We pride ourselves on meeting our customers’ needs and expectations by working with each customer to establish each party’s responsibilities and the key focus areas that are outlined in the areas below.

Project Roles

At the beginning of the project a project manager and executive sponsor are assigned both at MAVES and on the customer side. Additional resources that may also be involved will be identified as required including a business analyst, programmer etc.


Communication is a cornerstone to a successful project. The mode and frequency of communication is established to keep parties informed of project status. For instance, weekly meetings may be held during the most active phases of the project, with documented minutes and action items identified.

Project Plan

This identifies the milestones, timelines, effort and resources necessary to complete the project, beginning with the acquisition of equipment, installation, training and system validation through to going live and support.

Change Management

MAVES uses a formalized change management process to document and manage changes to scope of work and schedule commitments. Change requirements are evaluated to determine their effect on cost and project timelines and this is communicated to the customer so that an appropriate decision can be made



Realize the Full Potential of Your 3PL Software

ViewPoint Logistics™ is designed so that users can grasp features without the need for extensive technical knowledge. To achieve the most effective results, MAVES provides several training components including:

  • On-site and remote training
  • Tailored, hands-on courses
  • Online resource library and contextual help
  • On-going customer support

For new implementations, key users and administrators will be scheduled for training sessions where we show how to use ViewPoint Logistics™ to its full capability. Training sessions are developed based on knowledge gathered during the consulting phase. Each session utilizes, where possible, test data that reflects scenarios relevant to your operation.

ViewPoint Logistics™ software includes context relevant online help that answers immediate questions such as “what are my options here?”. Our learning site, called eZ-Learn, provides a wealth of resource information including how-to videos, FAQs, workflows, a search feature, and much more.


Knowledgeable Support You Can Count On

MAVES not only develops and installs but also stands by its software with up to 24/7 support, including as needed assistance and problem resolution. Each support call is logged in our ServiceDesk ticketing system and our customers are also provided with web access for their benefit. Service standards have been established so that the appropriate level of support can be provided depending on the urgency and/or severity of the issue. Any issue that falls outside of our response standards is escalated as appropriate to proper resolution.


Are you looking for 3PL application solutions that are up to the challenges of today’s high paced and diverse Supply Chain?

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