Over 40 years ago, our first client was a Public Refrigerated Warehouse (PRW). So we understand your daily challenges can include: locating your client’s products in the variable temperature controlled environment, management of  of code dated products, provision of flawlessly detailed product activity records and retention and availability of any data supporting the movement of the goods through your company’s position in the Cold Chain.

MAVES ViewPoint Logistics TM (VPL) 3PL Software Management Suite Cold Chain Solutions:

Document Handling: 

 With built-in DocSign and DocStore functions, MAVES eDocs is more than just a Graphical Forms tool! It is a time savings feature delivering both your internal operators and your client’s operational information with a simple click. Our DocSign eliminates manual copying, scanning and emailing of signed Bill of Ladings to your customers. MAVES DocStore feature eliminates manual copying and filing of external documents such as Bill of Ladings, Photos and HAACP checklists. It supports multiple file types and all related documents can be viewed online and can be made available to your customers via MAVES Client Web Portal.

Date Code Tracking and Control :


ViewPoint Logistics TM helps our clients rapidly identify Recalled Products in your facilities and apply the appropriate restrictions to prevent shipment. This ensures as a PRW that you can provide critical transaction and disposition data on Recalled Products in a timely manner to safeguard the use/consumption of goods from th esupply chain. MAVES VPL software enable 3PL users to easily define “Date Code Conversion Methods” that are used by the system to automatically derive the date associated with the goods. This feature increases inventory accuracy minimizes labour costs.

Expiry Dates and Shelf Life Rules:

User defined Consignee Shelf Life Rules allow 3PL Service providers to configure scenarios based upon the number of days remaining before item Expiry or a Percentage of time remaining before Expiry. Our system applies these rules so that only the RIGHT stock is reserved, picked and shipped to the Client’s customer.

Hold Charges (Eg. Expired Stock): 

MAVES’ powerful inventory and billing engines allow for the definition and attachment of a Hold (against Expired Stock) which instructs the system to apply a “Surcharge” during a normal billing event (ie. Generation of Recurring Storage Invoice). In addition to recovering revenue from such a surcharge, this feature also acts as an “incentive”.


MAVES International Software Solutions

This is only a small snapshot of MAVES Cold Chain Solutions and to learn more about our 3PL Solutions offerings, please feel free to Get in Touch via Email at info@maves.com or call us at 905.882.8300. We look forward to hearing from you.